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Why Ramadan Donations?

Why Sponsor Iftar?

Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) emphasized the significance of feeding fasting individuals during Ramadan, promising abundant rewards for those who contribute. By sponsoring Iftar, you have the opportunity to multiply your blessings and gain the same rewards as the fasting individuals.

How Your Donation Helps?

Your generous contribution towards Ramadan sponsorship will cover the expenses associated with supporting Taraweeh Prayers, Ramadan Programs, and Iftar for our community. From tent, flooring, heater, and lighting rentals to other essential items, your donation ensures that everyone can enjoy a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting Ramadan experience.

Sponsor Ramadan Operation

This years Ramadan Operation costs is budgeted at $150,000.00. Your generous contribution will help Muslim Association of Virginia serve Iftar to thousands in our community. With your support last year MAV served iftar to more then 20,000 community members.

Experience the true spirit of Ramadan by sponsoring Iftar with MAV

Your donation will ensure that our community can come together to break their fast in a welcoming and comfortable environment

Join us in fulfilling the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and earn immense rewards during this blessed month

Sponsor Ramadan Operation

Tent Rentals

Help us create additional space for Taraweeh prayers and community gatherings by sponsoring tent rentals. Your donation will cover the cost of renting tents to accommodate our growing congregation during Ramadan

Flooring and Seating

Ensure the comfort of worshippers by sponsoring flooring and seating arrangements for our Ramadan events. Your contribution will provide a comfortable environment for individuals to pray, recite Quran, and participate in community activities.

Heater and Lighting Rentals

Support our efforts to provide a comfortable and well-lit environment for Taraweeh prayers and nightly activities. Your donation will cover the cost of renting heaters and lighting equipment to ensure that everyone can worship safely and comfortably

Iftar Supplies

Help us purchase essential supplies such as food, drinks, and utensils for our daily Iftar meals. Your donation will ensure that we have everything we need to provide nutritious and delicious meals to those in need during Ramadan

Donate Now

Make a difference this Ramadan by donating to MAV and supporting our Ramadan initiatives. Your generosity will help us provide essential services and resources to the Muslim community during this blessed month.

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Your Ramadan donations enable us to provide vital support to the Muslim community, including meals, religious services, and educational programs.