Nikah Ceremony

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We would be delighted to officiate your wedding. Please read the Nikah ceremony process at Dar Al Noor.

  1. Obtain a marriage license from any county courthouse in Virginia. Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days. Please refer to this link for more information to obtain a license from Prince William County courthouse.
  2. Contact the Imam ( to schedule the Nikah ceremony. Please note that Dar Al Noor does not allow food items to be served at Nikah ceremony unless it is to go boxes. Dar Al Noor upstairs hall is available to rent in order to hold wedding related events (such as reception, Walima etc) where food can be served to guests. In order to book the upstairs hall please contact Operations Manager (
  3. Schedule a premarital counseling session with the Imam who will be officiating the marriage. Premarital counseling is a must and should be done at least two weeks prior to the Nikah ceremony. Both fiances need to be present for the premarital counseling session. Please use this link to book
  4. The Nikah ceremony will be conducted according to Islamic principles. Two male witnesses along with the Bride’s Wali (male guardian) must be present for the Nikah ceremony. Mahr (dowry) amount must be declared on the Nikah form. All Islamic etiquettes and decorum related to modest dressing, gender mixing and sanctity of the Masjid must be maintained when on Dar Al Noor premises.
  5. There is a $250 fee for On Site Nikah ceremony and $400 fee for Off Site Nikah ceremony.