Dar Alnoor Matrimonial Services

The Process:

Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV) Matrimonial service is FREE of charge available to all the Muslims seeking a spouse for Nikkah. Currently this service is limited to the Citizens and permanent residents of the USA and Canada.

Step#1.  Candidates register their profile by filling out online form at Dar Alnoor website: https://daralnoor.org/services/matrimonial  

Step#2.  For privacy protection all the submissions are kept confidential and closely reviewed by Dar Alnoor Matrimonial Administrators. Photos saved in a secured folder. Each profile registered is assigned a unique USER ID# and added to public Google sheets (photo and identifying information removed) on the webpage for other to view:  http://sites.google.com/view/mav-matrimonial/home

 Public profiles are developed for each candidate, split into four age groups and posted online.

MALE Under/Over 40 age group

FEMALE Under /Over 40 age group      

Step#3.  There are two ways matches take place on the platform;

  1. When a User is interested in another profile, they contact us with the User ID# via email; matrimonial@daralnoor.org
  2. The matrimonial team makes random matches based on profile compatibility.

Step#4.  Once a potential match is proposed or a user inquires about a profile, individuals are emailed the public profile to gauge their interest before sharing photos and contact information.

   > When the match is made by the matrimonial team; Female is sent Male profile first> If she approves it, Male is sent her profile. If the Male approves, and there is now mutual profile approval, both are sent profile photos on request.  If both parties share interest and consent, the Matrimonial team will share contact information for both the parties to connect on their own to proceed further on Matrimonial matters.

MAV does not endorse candidates and is not responsible for any action beyond this point. The full terms & conditions can be found here.

Step#5. The final email is sent with a PRIVACY alert notice and DISCLAIMER regarding MAV involvement as well as more information on MAV’s Premarital Counseling and Nikkah services.

Step#6. All applications submitted remain open & active until requested otherwise. In order to update status or remove the profile from the list please contacts; matrimonial@daralnoor.org

NOTE:  Applicants submitting this form agree to share their profile details with MAV Matrimonial administrators and potential candidates. No commitment or obligation on either party on expression of initial interest. Profile can be withdrawn at any stage during the process.

Finally, we ask that if a match is found and Nikkah takes place via our site, kindly let us know to update our records and consider making a DONATION to support MAV Community services.

Questions: matrimonial@daralnoor.org

Privacy Reminder:

During this spouse searching process MAV expects all parties involved to be respectful and courteous, and to follow appropriate Islamic manners and etiquettes. MAV also expects users and registered visitors to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of others on the platform and to not abuse this service. This sensitive process requires sincerity, authenticity and mutual trust. By registering and using this service, users and registered visitors agree to all of the requirements and conditions in this document and consent to the collection and use by MAV and by other users and registered visitors of their personal data.

MAV Matrimonial Administrators do not verify the identities of users to confirm they are who they say they are.  Any considerations regarding match suitability and compatibility will be the responsibility of each user to investigate and determine on their own. 


MAV is providing this matrimonial service in good faith to assist Muslim singles in their efforts to find life partners from an Islamic network of potential candidates across the USA and Canada. All parties (individually  and collectively, the “Parties”)  using the platform and this service  (1) acknowledge that MAV is relying to its possible detriment upon the Parties to provide accurate and truthful information to MAV;   (2) waive all claims of any kind and nature  that they might at any time have against MAV, its employees, officers, agents and representatives(collectively, the “MAV Representatives”) in connection with or related to the Parties’ use of the platform and the services described in this document;   (3)  indemnify and hold harmless MAV and the MAV Representatives from and against all liability or damages that the Parties might suffer, or claims that might be made against them, in connection with (a) the design of the platform, (b) the verification process regarding potential users and visitors, (c) the oversight and administration of the platform and service by MAV and/or the MAV Representatives; and (d) the Parties’  use of the platform and service;  and  (4) acknowledge that MAV and the MAV Representatives make no representation, covenant or warranty of any kind with regard to the success of, or outcome from, the Parties’  use of the service or platform.