Masjid Expansion

“Whoever Builds a Masjid for the Sake of Allah, Allah will Build Something Similar for him in Paradise.”
Bukhari Hadith No: 450, Sunan Ibn Majah Hadith No: 7.

Building the expansion of Dar Al Noor Islamic Community Center – One thing that our community needs more than ever is physical space to worship and connect with each other. Our Islamic School is currently takes place at a local school, simply because we do not have the space to hold it at Dar Alnoor. We’d like to bring our Islamic School back to our Community Center and institute programs for children, youth and seniors. The new Islamic Center will serve as a platform for serving and reaching more Muslims in our community. This fully-equipped center will accommodate thousands of worshippers and boast a number of other community-based resources.

Please donate generously and help us expand our Masjid and  Islamic Center to accommodate growing Muslim community. May Allah (SWT) reward us all for our efforts.