Funeral Services

Funeral Arrangements

Contact Dar Alnoor Office at (703) 580-0808


  • Coordination of the Services.
  • Informing the community and arrangements for Janazah.
  • Helping/Assisting washing of the deceased if needed at the Funeral Home.
  • Salaatul Janazah at the Masjid.
  • Burial at the Muslim Cemetery.
  • In case a Muslim friend or family member passes away please do the following:

1. In order to release the deceased the hospital needs to know which funeral home will be used. Please inform the hospital whether you shall be using Aden Funeral Services OR MountCastle Funeral Home OR if the family wishes they can choose any other facility of their choice where funeral services are provided.

The following is the information for the funeral homes that have a discount for those who go to them through the Muslim Association of Virginia:

Muslim Funeral Home
Serenity Funeral Services, LLC
14640 Flint-Lee Rd. Suite C
Chantilly VA, 20151
(recommended as they are a Muslim ran Funeral Home)

Contact Person: Miriam Rose AbdRahmaan,
Mobile: 571-490-2249

Aden Muslim Funeral Services, LLC
1242 Easy Street
Woodbridge, VA 22191
(Recommended as they are a Muslim-run funeral home)

Tel #: (703) 490-1212

Contact Person: Sanaullah Chaudry

Alfirdaus Jinnaza Services, LLC
7903 Hill Park Ct, Suite 8,
Lorton, VA 33079
(A muslim owned and operated funeral home)

Tel #: (703) 927-6917

Contact Person: Br. Nasser (202-805-5325)

MountCastle Funeral Home
4143 Dale Blvd.,
Dale City VA 22193
(non-Muslim funeral home so MAV Muslim volunteers will be needed for washing and shrouding the deceased).

Tel #: (703) 680-1234

Contact Person: Michael E.M. Turch (General Manager)

2. Contact Funeral Home and give them Name, age and gender of the deceased, reason of the death, Name of the Hospital, & Name and phone# of the contact person in the family.

Let the Funeral Home know you belong to the Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV) community in order to receive the discounted price.

In case needed, MAV keeps supplies for washing and shrouding at the Funeral Homes. If used MAV expects family to replace the shroud at the Funeral Home. Family should also bring, if possible: gloves, aprons, fresh towels, soap, perfume and comb, etc. to help prepare the deceased for burial.